Month - December

On 10th Dec , we had a performance put up by NayiTaleem  young theatre artists on the society’s attitude towards differently abled children

The Performance opened up a plethora of experiences and observations amongst the audience about the discrimination faced by people with special needs and marginalised communities at large. The performance was a story dramatisation on the book ” Why are you afraid to hold my hand ” written by Sheila Dhir

This performance brings our focus to a larger issue…

How often do we care about the inclusiveness of the under represented sections of the society?

Stay tuned for our next performance where the children would be addressing an another important issue 

Theatre Artists : Aardhra, Aadhirai, Samaira, Siya

Direction : Yogesh Balasaheb and Shubham Chaturvedy

Production : NayiTaleem School of Drama and Education